Saturday, September 27, 2008

Andrographis paniculata, Hempedu bumi

In the last 10 years or so, andrographis paniculata has become popular in America and Scandinavia where it is used as a preventative and treatment for the common cold - hence its modern nickname - 'Indian echinachea'. the herb has enormous potential in a far wider range of diseases. We're delighted to bring you this report about its extraordinary benefits...

The global flu epidemic of 1918 was one of the most devastating infectious outbreaks in world history - more virulent even than the Black Death in the 14th century - killing 50 million people worldwide. No country escaped its onslaught but in India, an amazing herb, Andrographis paniculata, was credited with stopping the spread of the deadly virus.

Now, important new research has confirmed a host of pharmacological benefits for this herb, including potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. In addition, scientists have discovered that Andrographis paniculata helps boost the immune system, protects against cancer, prevents blood clots and maintains efficient digestive functioning.

Andrographis paniculata is used for treatment, upper respiratory infections, fever, sore throat and herpes. Other reported applications include its use in cases of malaria, dysentery and even snakebites.

In America and Scandinavia it is used as a preventative and treatment for the common cold - hence its modern nickname - 'Indian echinachea'.

Today it is prominent in at least 26 different Ayurvedic formulations used to treat liver disorders. The herb improves gall bladder function, increases bile flow (thereby aiding digestion), and has been found to be as effective as silymarin (active compound in milk thistle) in protecting the liver.

To date, the herb is best known in Western society as a popular over-the-counter alternative remedy for the common cold. It can reduce the severity of symptoms, and improvements were seen in relation to sleeplessness, nasal drainage and sore throat.

As a preventative for the common cold, studies show that andrographis may increase the body's resistance to infection by stimulating the production of antibodies and macrophages - large white blood cells that scavenge foreign matter.

Andrographis promotes a healthy heart by preventing blocked arteries and blood clots
Scientists today, however, are focusing on the herb's application in treating the 'killer' diseases that blight modern life, such as heart disease, cancer and even AIDS.

The main active constituent in andrographis is andrographolide, which in herbal medicine is referred to as a 'bitter' principle - so called because of its bitter taste. Indeed, andrographis is known as the 'King of Bitters'.

Bitter herbs generally have an affinity with the heart, liver and gall bladder and most have a cooling effect on the body and can bring down a temperature.
The herb preventing the formation of blood clots and preventing the re-clogging of arteries after angioplasty - a technique used to treat blocked arteries by inserting a balloon into the blood vessels which is then inflated to widen the artery.
Further research shows that the herb activates fibrinolysis, a natural process in the body in which blood clots are dissolved. It also relaxes the smooth muscle in the walls of blood vessels and has a blood pressure-lowering effect. Performs as well as many conventional drugs but without the harmful side-effects

Andrographis extracts are cytotoxic (cell-killing) against cancer cells. Positive results have been seen in relation to stomach, skin, prostate and breast cancer cells in test-tube studies.

In fact, recent laboratory tests in New York have demonstrated that andrographis may inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells just as well as the drug tamoxifen.

The herb's anti-viral activity has been demonstrated in HIV and AIDS. Andrographis prevents the virus from infecting healthy T-cells and inhibits the spread of infection, while other studies show that the herb is able to fight HIV in cells even after they have been infected,this action is the same as AZT, a commonly used AIDS drug with a number of debilitating side-effects, including a low blood count.

Finally, andrographis extracts are showing promise in relieving diarrhoea associated with E.coli bacterial infections.

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