Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AWAS .. Pirates are on the Road to Kuala Pilah.

Today I feel urge to write on social issue instead of writing about medical one!! Aiming to help other peoples not to go through things I already suffered from it. My point from writing this article is to protect the principle issues, and never be about the material ones

There is saying said:

اذا أكرمت الكريم ملكته ،، وإذا أكرمت اللئيم تمرد

If you are generous to the genuine people, you can enjoy them …
If you are generous to sinister people they get revolt against you.


الساكت عن الحق شيطان أخرس

The One who is making quiet on the truth is a dumb devil.

"The measurement of a man have nothing to do if he is short or tall, big or small, only the measurement is about what he says, facts or false, lies or true, fulfill his prom
ises or deny what he says. No matter if he have a faith or with no faith, only his word will judge his legitimately or falsification".
I came to Malaysia as a Retired Medical Doctor after practicing medicine for almost 38 years in different location around the world. This time, I like to enjoy seeing Malaysia in depth; at the same time, my commitment is to help peoples and community around as medical advisory free of charges. My new mission is to educate peoples, how to protect themselves from different kind of aliments, diseases and infection, and stay in good health.
Beside I am medical carrier oriented doctor; I am also practicing applied herbal alternative medicine for 18 years with great successes starting in Canada. My desire is to introduce those medicinal herbs to peoples, and let them understand their potentials and health benefits.
While I am staying in Malaysia, I have to know very good Malaysian peoples; they are outstanding peoples full of manners and characters, they are genuine people no question about that, and the bottom line they are just good like the best apple fruits.
At the same time, I have to meet Some bad peoples, this nature of life!!
While the good peoples like good bright apple fruits in a box. The bad peoples on the other hand look like; and smell like; Rotten egg plant, staying in the same box with apple fruits, and I am trying hard to avoid get my hand dirty on approaching them, but whatever you try to be careful, my hand already get dirty; on knowing and dealing with such peoples before and today.
Last April 2008, we are looking to find some new plant to add to my collection here in Malaysia, working them in unused land at my house back yard. Therefore, my brother In-law suggests driving us to the road of Kuala Pilah. While we standing at one of those stalls on the road buying plant seedling, we meet a couple refer to them (Mr. & Miss Rubber).
They engaged with us by talking in English. I get to understand they are looking for help and advice, since they have a big area of farming land, and they need to know if it possible to utilize this land for good? Since they meet with some other peoples before us, and those peoples apparently simply turn there backs on any advice or action to them for a reason, and we get to know Why later!!
However, for me UNFOURTIONTLY I felt like I would like to help those people to find there way for good.
While we standing there on the corner of their land, I just suggest that I can help them to cultivate medicinal herbs for new concept. We invited them to our house; they came with their eldest daughter, which is already graduate form agriculture institute and having a diploma; and do nothing more than watching TV and staying at home no work, no nothing. (they all admitted this with no any denial).
I am very practical person, I always live up to any given word to any one. We start to talk business unconditionally, I never ask for advice fee, or asking any benefits from them. We start to draw a scheme of starting nursery area around there house to be easily handled by any family member around. For the big farming land area, it would be a future expansion to after developing the start nursery, Then we can talk business more seriously.

I offered to help them in doing plantation on my house back yard nursery, all medicinal herbs on my own expenses; and I start plant them by hundreds, and offering them different Varity of seeds of exotic herbs; none exist in Malaysia before. My plants and small growing trees inside my own herbal nursery where Hijacked continuously, and intentionally, on a frequent times through (Nine months), since we get to know (Mr. & Miss Rubber).
Some of my stoolen Herbs taken by Hundreds each; to Hijackeers place

I thought they would respect our VERBAL agreement of doing business together on foundation of 50/50 calculation. To be partners on the side of my effort; and working with them on developing there land; by thoughts, MONEY, and ideas; and by offering those new herbs; which they already taken it to there land; and planted there.
On the other hand, literally, they hijacked my herbs from my place to there place in Kuala Pilah.I count my plants; and I do have inventory of them, they are OVER 2000 seedling and cutting in plastic poly-bags or just loose. I do prepared them with my own hands; with lots of tiredness, and extra sweat, and money spending - plus 200 small trees (Ten month old) already hijacked from my herbal nursery, moving them by there truck Ta-Ta, with NO payment or return back, or apology from Hijackers.

What a shame when this can happen from Moslem or non-Moslem peoples.

قال تعالى : يا أيها الذين آمنوا أوفوا بالعهود- سورة المائدة /1
"And fulfilled the Covenant; the Covenant was responsible"
Those peoples can deceive you easily, by showing you there rituals as if they are doing every things just right. They use to complain from surrounding neighbors that they make fun of them, and look inferior to them. At that time of early involvement with those Hijackers, we have another impression, which they are good enough to us; but the dirty stuff is already hiding there, not surface yet.

The rest of the story already long extended to 9 months ago. Where this Mr. & Miss Rubber asks for sharing them in doing a project together; as a joint venture; and take them from zero information about medicinal herbs values, and there potential in the market value. We start with them and took them on high-level stand, to leap forward towards the market, and expand ourselves with them by sharing together incoming profits. this is our agreement on doing so.

But they never fulfill their promises in any given time.

After hard work and lot of effort to teach them the value of the project, now they have there own herbal nursery, and there own Blog site; on their own name. Using my blog site, and use most of my herbs to trade them in open market, freely, solely for themselves; also using my reputation as a medical consultant to give people more confidence about what they are promoting in their blog site, with no consideration for us as a joint partners; and suppliers of the herbs and knowledges, as we agree VERBALY before.
Even though; and by time they were asking for Money capital from our side to do a side project – Planting three ( 3 ) Acers of Corn on there land – and as they says: "They guarantee within 3 month - they will retune back the capital plus our share of the profit from planting this corn." We pay the money 8,000 RM; and wait 3 months, then four months; then 5 months up to 8 months and our money not yet to come back!!

Guess what happened! They hijacked my money for eight months, no planting corn or nothing like that, but doing and improving on our Hijacked herbal plants for themselves. Listed those herbs in there blog, clam they are the owner of those plants, selling them to the public after they learn how it works; and I already suffered hard time during teaching them HOW to do it and how it works!

علمته الرماية فلما اشتد ساعده رماني
"I taught him how to shoot; when his shooting intensified, he shoots me."

Not only they betrayed me, but also they go up higher level aiming to betrayed the governmental agriculture department and get a loan from the bank on reputation of my stolen plant. they succeeded to hijack the government department money too; to pay back my Hijacked money after 8 wasting months.

Not only that, I use to be generous unconditionally even with there kids, I offer to loan there eldest daughter -21 tears old- She Just finished her Diploma in KPM Beranang, and she is in charge for running this swindle operation. I looked to the girl as mature adult; and responsible person and willing to start her carrier life with honesty and credibility.

In addition, in the presence of her parents, I give her 500 Saudi Riyal money, to assist her to buy the necessity materials, and help her to lunch the herbal project operation.
The girl took my money and kept the them in her folder as a souvenir!! She never spends a penny from my 500 Saudi Riyal money in any items, and she liked to foul me too, marching on the same road her parents did to me and grip on my money like bloody sucker leech.

After they already stand on a solid ground, betrayed other peoples on the road the same way they did to me, and after calling them 10 times and sending e-mails to retune my own money back; I admit they succeeded to tortuous me for eight months utile they paid my money back in installment.Yes, I get the eight thousands RM back, but there girl refuse to return the other 500 Saudi Riyals money back "She also likes to bite the hand that helped her" in there hard time.

How Many Chances Do You Give a Cheater?

In conclusion: comparing some human behaviors with animal behaviors you can find in many occasion, the animal behaviors can win as better-quality behavior.

Warning: My aim of writing this short story is to advise other good peoples; they might like to go to that destination; or may be are already there waiting for there turne "on the road to Kuala Pilah" To be watchful; and try to avoid things like that might happen to them too.

The bottom line is that: Those folks declare their identity, and label themselves as rude, anemic -in the since of the mutual respect- opportunistic, penny-pinching, stingy, greedy, very selfish, very calculative, dishonest, break there promises always. No wonder when they says, they are not loved by there close neighbors, relatives, or friends, mainly because their bad attitude; and intentionally misleading honest peoples in non-honorable way.

That is enough for time being; I would continue later.

Full story available on request