Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ficus Deltoidea leafs, Emas cotek

Mas cotek (Ficus deltoidea) is gaining popularity among the local herbal practitioners. It is traditionally use for the postpartum treatment and as health tonic, and to cure several pathological conditions including diabetes, and headaches.
There were some medicinal plant believed to be beneficial for the woman reproductive system, and Emas cotek is one of them. It is also use for the treatment of pneumonia, high blood pressure, to improve blood circulation, and skin disorders.

Most useful benefits of using Emas cotek in general are:

Regulating blood pressure
Reducing blood sugar level
Increasing and recovering sexual desire
Womb contraction after birth
Reducing nerves and joints pain
Improving migraine condition
Reducing cholesterol and blood lipids
Removing toxin in our body
Delaying menopause
Improving blood circulation
Reducing piles pain
Relieving nausea

We sell:

Seedling in different sizes and maturity
Dray leafs 100 gram only 5 USA dollars + shipping
Inside Malaysia, the price is 15 MR + Shipping